About Us

Tydwals Brewery came into being in 2013 when David Jones took the decision to leave his career in the drinks industry and realise a long-standing dream. A passion for brewing that has spanned 30 years and a career that included working for Bass Brewers led to a growing desire to apply the knowledge and skills to craft traditional ales for all to enjoy.
Every one of our brews is truly hand crafted as the brewing kit isn't automated unlike most large breweries, it is very analogue in this digital age. It is this approach, and the individual care and attention that goes into every stage of the brewing process, that helps create a unique, quality product.
We start with the finest base ingredient pure and mineral rich spring water to which, we add a variety of the finest traditional malted barleys and hops. Differing strains of yeast have also been carefully selected to ensure that the fermentation process adds several further layers of flavour in accord with the style of beer to enhance those of the base ingredients.
Finally, the maturation process is lengthy and unhurried to allow the yeast time to mellow and round the flavours. The beer is then packaged in traditional ale bottles or casks where a small amount of yeast still present in the beer develops its depth of flavour while naturally carbonating the product. This brewing method maintains all the nutritional goodness of the yeast.
Contrast that with commerical beers that aren't usually bottle conditioned i.e. do not have a yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle. They are filtered, force carbonated and pasteurised removing a lot of the nutritional goodness but reducing production time significantly.